Healthier Team.
Stronger Community

We offer an All-In-One Wellness Solutions making working life easier, boosts productivity, develop better habits, increase team bonding. And ultimately leading to better results.

How GOFA ENTERPRISE Can Add Value To Your Workplace?

Build A Energetic
Company Culture
Business Performance
Employee Retention
Positive Rewards
And Reinforcement

Enhance Workplace Wellbeing, with a Personalised Fitness Plan

A workout plan in a mobile-first platform created for each individual employee, based on their preferences, habits and physical health. With AI, it can ensure they are in:

  • their proper form
  • track and achieve health goals
  • provide real-time feedback

Improve Team-Bonding with Fitness Challenge

Our fun office fitness challengers are designed to:

  • improve health and employee morales
  • create better leaders and team spirit
  • Increase persistence and motivation

Meditation Programs That Produce Results

A non-physical feature that supports employee’s mental health by providing meditation sections and sleeping coach support. These programs will not only train your mind but also your soul, focusing on improving:

  • mental wellbeings
  • decision-making skills
  • stress coping/management skills
  • memory

Motivate Your Employees Via
Rewards and Recognition

Aiming to collect reward motivates and boosts employee engagement.

To ensure that employees remain active and engaged, GOFA ENTERPRISE provides them with reward points based on their activity. This will increase the effectiveness of your wellness program with a transparent rewarding process.

Track Your Employees’ Activities To Ensure They Have A Great Wellbeing

With the Enterprise Dashboard, you can find manage wellbeing, plan and create goals for your employees as well as finding useful health insights, allowing employees to focus their efforts on being mindful, healthy, and balanced.

Offering a Wellness Program To Your Team Is A Great Perk
And Win-win For Everyone!

Giving them the knowledge and motivation to live well and enjoy a healthy lifestyle gives them tools for a happier workplace. Discover what our wellness programs offer:

-personalised workout plans

-120+ Minutes Meditation Sessions

-100+ Minutes Sleeping Radio

-celebrities trainers

-workout in office, home or on-the-go

-300+ AI-powered video workouts

-count your reps and correct your form

-measure your intensity and effort

-provide real-time feedback

-workouts including Cardio, HIIT, Running, Strength, Stretch, Pilates, Yoga

Through GOFA Enterprise Programme, Employees Has Achieved


Calories Burned


Workouts Competed


Active Minutes

GOFA ENTERPRISE Keeps Your Employees Feeling Good,
While You Keep The World Feeling Good


Mins Meditating




Completed Workouts


Families Supported


Workplace Wellness Impacted


Local Charities Supported

Partner with GOFA to support the disadvantaged community.
Every step taken, every calories burnt and every meditation minute
spent with be generated into fund that helps to make the world a happier place.